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Electrical & Voice/Data Contractor - "One-Stop" Shopping as a Cost-Effective Solution

Commercial Electrical Contractors - Fort Worth, TX

KBI Electrical Services has years of successful commercial electrical installations: electrical power supply cabling, lighting retrofits, fibre optics, cat5e and voice-data. KBI has completed numerous installations across several industries: commercial facilities, retail, banking and grocery stores (see a partial listing of our electrical installations).

KBI is a one-stop shop for electrical and cabling installations. We can handle all the power cabling during the construction phase: power/electrical cabling, power supply for A/C and heating equipment, telephone lines and any other IT cabling. There is no need to call separate contractors - KBI has licensed electricians that specialize in commercial electrical installations.

New Construction Electrician Services - Fort Worth TX

Commercial Electrician Services Include:
  • Power Supply Installations
  • HVAC Systems Installed
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting
  • Telephone Systems, Voice-Data Cabling
  • Any IT Cabling

  • KBI is known for delivering On-Time and On-Budget work, while maintaining an excellent safety record and staff of experienced electricians and tradesmen. Our management team is second to none when it comes to customer satisfaction and on time completion of projects.

    KBI prides itself as both an electrical and a voice/data contractor, thus providing an alternative to having to divide these very similar trades between more than one contractor. KBI can provide "one-stop" shopping as a cost effective solution.

    KBI Project Categories
  • Medical Projects
  • New and Ground Up Construction
  • Retail Projects
  • Generator Projects
  • Lighting Design & Install Projects
  • Interior Finish/Remodel
  • Lighting Retro Fit
  • Facility Renovation
  • Voice & Data Installations
  • 24-hour Emergency Service

  • New Construction Electrician Services Contact KBI - Fort Worth TX
    New Construction Electrician Services - Fort Worth TX
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    In the News

    KBI Electrical Services Completes Major Renovation for a Supermarket Chain Including New Conduit for Refrigeration, Commercial Lighting and More With a Total Draw of Around 2,000 Amps

    DALLAS-ROWLETT TX -- April 08, 2016 -- KBI Electrical Services of the Dallas area has completed another commercial electrical installation for a full-size supermarket. The installation including conduit and panels to supply refrigeration, energy efficient lighting and other standard low voltage electrical components.

    "This was a renovation project of an existing structure that needed significant electrical installations," said Charles Fite, General Manager of KBI Electrical Services. "The final installation provides a total of around 2,000 amps and 30 electrical panels around the building providing all manner of low voltage services."   Read the full release...

    Efficiency Lighting in a Supermarket

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