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Electrical & Voice/Data Contractor - "One-Stop" Shopping as a Cost-Effective Solution

Energy Efficient Lighting
and Refrigeration Control Carrollton TX

KBI Electrical Services has successfully completed several electrical installations in large commercial buildings, grocery stores and supermarkets. With energy-efficient lighting retrofits and emergency management refrigeration control, a large-scale grocery store/supermarket can cut energy costs by up to 20%. We can help your company save thousands of dollars in energy costs by installing energy-efficient lighting and/or new refrigeration controls.

KBI is a one-stop shop in Carrollton for electrical and cabling installations. We can handle all the power cabling during the construction phase: power/electrical cabling, power supply for A/C and heating equipment, telephone lines and any other IT cabling. There is no need to call several contractors - KBI has licensed electricians that specialize in commercial electrical installations.

Grocery Store - Supermarket Completed Projects

Tom Thumb Food Stores
  • Major Renovations - Dallas (27 stores)
  • Pharmacy Renovations (2011)
  • Lakeside Commercial Builders GC

    Albertsons Food Stores
  • Major Renovations (3 performed during 2008)

  • Commercial Electrical Installations Electrician Contractors Carrollton KBI is known for delivering On-Time and On-Budget work, while maintaining an excellent safety record and staff of experienced electricians and tradesmen. Our management team is second to none when it comes to customer satisfaction.

    KBI prides itself as both an electrical lighting and a voice/data cabling contractor. KBI can provide "one-stop" shopping as a cost-effective solution. KBI has 2 Bicsi certified voice/data designers on staff.

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