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Number (TECL) 17076

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Projects - Retail Projects

99 Ranch Market - Katy
99 Ranch Market - Carrollton
Echo Construction

Tom Thumb Food Stores
Major Renovations - Dallas
Pharmacy Renovations
Center Store Renovations
Store 3625, 3658, 3641, 3563, 3597, 1781, 2595, 2990, 2581
Lakeside Commercial Builders GC

Walgreens #5082 - Store Renovation- Dallas
Fuller Miller Construction

Walgreens - Pharmacy Renovations- Dallas
Store 03847, 04055, 7335, 7783
Fuller Miller Construction

Aldi - Grocery Resets

Tom Thumb Food Stores
Major Renovations - Dallas (27)
Pharmacy Renovations
Center of Store Renovations
Generator Change outs
Lakeside Commercial Builders GC

99 Ranch Market - Plano
Echo Construction

Super H Mart
Lakeside Commercial Builders GC

Albertson Food Stores
Major Renovations (3 performed during 2008)

Wendy's Retail Installation
Creative Realities

Wireless Rollout

Men's Warehouse Central Taylor

Generator Replacement Tom Thumb 3622

Emergency Lighting Design and Install Tom Thumb 2559

Commercial Electrical - Dallas Commercial Electrical Company Dallas
Ethernet Cable Wiring - Dallas TX
Cat5e Cat6 Cables - Dallas TX
Commercial Contractors Fort Worth
Energy Efficiency Lighting - Carrollton
IT Cabling Company - Fort Worth Commercial Electrical - Fort Worth
Ethernet Cable Wiring - Fort Worth TX
Cat5e Cat6 Cables - Fort Worth TX
Commercial Electrical Arlington
Cat5e Cat6 Cables - Arlington TX
Commercial Electrical - DFW Commercial Electrical Company - DFW
Ethernet Cable Wiring - DFW TX
Energy Efficiency Lighting - Irving TX
Cat5e Cat6 Cables - DFW TX
Commercial Electrical Contractors Irving
Electrical Company - Central Texas Ethernet Cable Wiring - Irving TX
Cat5e Cat6 Cables - Carrollton TX
Commercial Electrical Company Frisco
Energy Efficiency Lighting - Frisco